Saturday, March 25, 2006

Unexpected delays

This weekend isn't exactly turning out the way I'd planned. My uncle and cousin were supposed to arrive today from Colorado for a week of touristing around the DC area. They planned the trip months ago, and were really looking forward to it. Apparently something got screwed up with their tickets though, because when they showed up to the airport this morning the airline had no record of their reservation.


So, they tried to rebook for a flight later today. No can do. It's spring break, so everyone and their dog is trying to fly this weekend. The first flight they could get won't land until midnight Sunday night, which means that Juan and I won't get to spend much time at all with them since we have to work all week. I'm bummed, and I know they are too. Hopefully they're able to get standby seats on an earlier flight tomorrow and we can still salvage some of the weekend.

EDITED 3/26:

They made it on an earlier flight! Arriving around 2:00 this afternoon, which will give us a nice chance tonight to visit and plan how they're getting downtown tomorrow. Yay!

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