Thursday, March 09, 2006

Successes and Setbacks

Success--the Miami meeting was a hit! In spite of all my worries, things couldn't have gone better. The only negative part of the trip was that the hotel we stayed at sucked royally. I had noisy neighbors and the front desk blew me off when I asked for a different room, my boss's room wasn't cleaned and they tried to bill him for another guest's 5-night stay, and the other guy we were traveling with never got his wake-up call and almost missed our big meeting. We happened to run into the hotel manager this morning, so we were able to tell him about the problems (he was appropriately mortified). He asked for our contact information, so maybe we'll get our rooms comped.

Setbacks--Arcadia is still throwing up, so I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow morning for some more tests. J thinks she might be getting nauseous from pain (the bladder crystals can really hurt) but she can keep down most of the dry and wet food she's eaten, so we know she's not starving or dehydrated. Poor little girl. I can't really be mad at her for pretty much ruining our sofa because she's clearly sick. Tonight she's subdued, but still participating in normal Arcadia behaviors like stalking and chasing Codi and playing with her toys.

My life is just a non-stop party, isn't it?

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